Trailer Talk: A Mass Comedy Outing!The trailer of Gully Rowdy is out. After multiple delays, it is now releasing on September 17th. It is a mass comedy fare with a right cast in the mix.

Right from the first frame, and barring a few moments intermittently, Gully Rowdy has an entertainment vibe until the end. It is a mass film with Sundeep Kishan essaying a ‘Rowdy’ role, but the tone is comedy throughout.

Besides Sandeep Kishan, the entire set of actors, from Rajendra Prasad to Vennela Kishore to Viva Harsha are adept at comedy. They provide all the laughs in the trailer. Bobby Simha, however, seems to be given a serious police officer role.

The trailer neatly highlights all the comedy bits and only teases us a bit of the core plot. It looks like a kidnap drama, but nothing much is shown. We only infer that through dialogue. We have to see if that is the case or if it is merely a comic block.

Check out the trailer below. Neha Shetty plays the heroine in the movie. G Nageshwar Reddy, known for his comedy entertainers, is directing Gully Rowdy. Kona Venkat and MVV Satyanarayana produce the film. Gully Rowdy hits the screens all over on September 17th.