Gully Rowdy - Sridevi Soda Center - OTT ReleaseThe OTT inroads have been made after the pandemic struck. In fact, many cine-goers who missed having a theatrical watch, got their rejuvenation via OTT platforms. And the same fad continues as, after the theatrical run, the films are heading for the OTT platform.

As Diwali nears, two Telugu films will stream on the same day. Sundeep Kishan’s Gully Rowdy and Sudheer Babu’s Sridevi Soda Center will be streaming on Diwali day. Sridevi Soda Center starring Sudheer Babu and Anandhi will be streaming on ZEE5, while Gully Rowdy is bagged by Disney+ Hotstar .

Both the film will be having OTT release on November 4. It is worth mentioning that both the films however failed to tick the box-office registers ringing. While Sudheer Babu’s film dealt with cast centric love story, Gully Rowdy was a commercial potboiler.

However, the two films didn’t fare well as expected. Now, the two films are vying for competition on the OTT platform. And it is be seen how these two will be rated by the OTT audience.