Guilty sensual 90’s actress’s hubby gets lifetime sentenceSensual actress from 90’s who was known more for her glamour than acting, Shilpa Shetty, is having hard time lately personally as well as professionally.

In the recent past she has been part of few cases due to her business activities. While she continues to be free from any real judgement the same can’t be said of her husband Raj Kundra, also a businessman. Her husband had owned an IPL franchise which had been marred by match fixing scam.

Today the committee organized to look into this scandal has given its final verdict and has banned the Rajasthan Club owned by Raj Kundra for two years. As far as Raj Kundra goes he has been banned from any cricket related activities for five years and for a lifetime in anything related to Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI). These sentences come into effect immediately.
A response on this verdict and the whole issue is awaited from husband and wife.