Dil-Raju-VarasuduDil Raju is arguably the bigger head in Tollywood. He was the one who orchestrated the meetings between the guild and the chamber recently to devise a new action plan for Tollywood.

But even when shootings were halted, Dil Raju continued with Varasudu shoot, saying the film is a dubbed one and not a Telugu one.

Dil Raju is now in the firing line again as he has lined up Varasudu for Sankranthi release when other mainstream Telugu biggies like Veera Simha Reddy, Waltair Veerayya, and Agent are also lined up for festival release.

Back when Warangal Sreenu released Petta during the 2019 Sankranthi, Dil Raju spread a narrative that he is releasing a dubbed film during the lucrative Sankranthi season. Now other producers are saying the same thing as they call out Dil Raju for planning to release Varasudu during 2024 Sankranthi season.

If Dil Raju takes all the backlash into consideration and skips the Sankranthi season release, he will lose out on the lucrative festival season advantage. If he does release it, then he will be called out for going against his own statement. His reputation is at stake now.