Mohan-Krishna-IndragantiMohan Krishna Indraganti… a director who is considered to have a decent amount of potential, going by a couple of romantic hits he had delivered at the beginning of his stint as a director. His latest release to hit the screen is Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali.

Without blinking an eyelid, one can say that the makers of such movies try to create a lot of buzz, only for the film to fizz out at the box office. So is the case with Indraganti. He was going on a safe path when he tried his hand at soft, romantic comedies. His biggest hit to date is Ashta Chemma, which by now, everyone is aware that it is totally a rip off an English comedy film.

Then there was Sammohanam, that did average business. Then he tried to fly high without realizing his potential and fell hard on his face with an action movie V. He once again tried his hand at an action film and failed miserably.

Though Indraganti repeated Sudheer Babu, who played the lead in Sammohanam, and used the concept of telling the story of a movie within a movie, the film failed to entice the audiences. Knowing Telugu audiences, they don’t care much for repeating ideas at short intervals. Surely Indraganti should have known better!

Also, during the interviews, while promoting the film, Indraganti made talks like an intellect. He doesn’t even let any interviewer finish his question. In fact, he is brushed aside by many as someone trying to project himself as a pseudo-intellectual.

Though he talks big, his films barely deliver, and with Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali falling flat on its face on the first day itself, netizens are having a field day making fun of this self-proclaimed intellect.