Growing Criticism On Cute ActressKrithi Shetty made a good debut with Uppena. The success gave her multiple offers and the young beauty did not waste time as she demanded big bucks for her films as she know she was in demand.

She is already three films old but there is a lot of criticism growing on her in the last few days. Today, the teaser of her new film Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali was released and Krithi Shetty’s role looks exactly similar to what she played in the first half of Shyam Singha Roy.

In Bangarraju also, Krithi was seen in a village-based role but she could not give that kick that was needed for the film. As the film had multiple stars, she did not get noticed much.

Seeing this, one can understand that she is not choosing good roles as has accepted films only seeing the director and banner. She is in demand and there is no doubt in that. But for her to go to the next level, she needs well-written roles.

If she continues to do the same old roles, she would get faded out in no time. In the past, there were several heroines who were quite successful at the beginning of their careers but due to lack of proper selection, they faded out in no time.

So, Krithi Shetty still has time to mend things and if she manages to do decent roles, she will surely go to the top league. For now, things are getting a bit routine and criticism is after her in no time.