We Grew up With Lot of Violence from Childhood - RajamouliAre you one of those critics who thinks that Rajamouli has to tone down the amount of violence in his films? Here is Rajamouli‘s answer for that query. Yes, there is violence in his films. But, that’s what we have grown up with.

Rajamouli sites the examples of our epics Mahabharata and Ramayana from which we have heard a lot of war stories. As Indians, we have grown up listening to these stories right from our childhood and the wars our epic heroes fought. These stories shaped generations for thousands of years and they have been our lifeline.

The Censorship might raise questions on the violence in Indian films, if the story demands, the filmmakers will not step back and it is up to the censor board to decide on the certificate. Rajamouli is averse to mindless violence. If there is violence, there should be a reason says Baahubali director.