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Greeku Veerudu Review

Greeku Veerudu Review | Greeku Veerudu Movie Review

Greeku-Veerudu-ReviewBOTTOM LINE 
Emotional on paper, not on screen.


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What is “Greeku Veerudu” about?
Greekuveerudu is the story of Chandu (Nagarjuna) who is the owner of an Event Management company in US. He is a happy go lucky guy who spend lot of time and money on girls. Once he agrees for an Event and fails in executing it. And a clause in the agreement leads him to trouble of paying 5 Million dollar compensation to the client (Ashish Vishyardhi). Chandu’s assets together could not meet the sum and he finally decides to charm his grandfather (K. Vishwanath) in India and get a share in his 1000 crore property. In the process, Sandhya (Nayantara) enters his life. What happens next in Chandu’s life forms the crux of the story.

Nagarjuna Greeku-Veerudu-Review
How is Nagarjuna in the movie?
To sum up in one line, Nagarjuna is every man’s envy and every woman’s dream hero. He looked very slim and trim with good looks. He also put in decent efforts in dances especially in the first song, I hate love stories.

Director Dasarath-Greeku-Veerudu-Review
How is Dasarath direction?
As every movie of his, Dasaradh focused on family relations and values. The story of the movie looked like reverse engineering of his earlier movie, Santosham. But the director was not fully able to draw enough emotions from his characters. Some of them looked too artificial and awkward at some point. There is no conflict point in the movie till the interval. The second half goes on a predictable lines. Screenplay is highly predictable.

What about Nayatara, Meera Chopra, Brahmi, MS and others ?
Nayantara looked good and made a good pair with Nagarjuna on screen. K.Vishwanath has got a tailor made role as grand father and he is good. Ashish Vidyardhi is okay.

MS Narayana in the first half and Brahmi in the second half took care of comedy. Thagubothu Ramesh entertained for few minutes. JP’s limited comedy as deaf man is nice. Rest of them are all okay in their parts.

How is Music, Songs, Dances &other departments?
Thaman had given his drums rest for this movie, the songs are high on melody in typical Dasaradh style. Back ground score is okay too. Choreography is very good in couple of songs. Though Nag did decent dance in “I hate love stories” song his dance step looked very funny in ‘O baby I am in love’ song.

1. Nagarjuna looks.
2. Brahmi’s comedy (Punch dialogues, imaginary song with Nayan and his conversation with dogs are very hilarious to name a few).
3. MS comedy to some extent.

MS Narayana-Greeku-Veerudu-Review
Any Drawbacks?
1. Predictable story
2. Pale climax

This & That
– Kota as villain is not at all justified. With just a single fight he decides to quit the village!
– Kids episode in US and CG work handled badly.
– Nag jumps from a skyscraper with a kid to make him happy!!
– Nag speaks in Telugu with an American lady.

Meera Chopra-Greeku-Veerudu-Review
What about its box office prospects?
The first half of the movie is decent with some good comedy scenes between Nagarjuna and MS Narayana. The tempo of the movie went down couple of times but quickly recovered. The other half of the movie gets a bit slow and predictable especially after Brahmi’s exit. The kids sentiment gets overboard and the effect of it is seen on the audience towards the end of the movie.

The movie will go well with the family crowds who come out in good numbers during the summer season. We will have to see how it goes with the masses.

Did I enjoy it?
Okay, not bad.


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