Great-PR-Happening-for-Vijay-DeverakondaWith Vijay Deverakonda, everything is a sensation for his fans and also social media users. The curiosity about every part of his life is very high among the netizens. See, even his cute dog is making news, now.

It’s the latest pic of the Deverakonda with his Storm Deverakonda that caught the attention. Of course, Storm Deverakonda is cute and most importantly, it’s Deverkonda and his refreshing face that would make the day for fans.

Pics like this are great PR for Deverakonda who commands social media attention on him as if by default. Coming to his movies, fans are waiting to for the official announcement about the title of ‘Fighter’.

Charmee promised that their team would come up with a new title for Puri Jagannadh directorial. Meanwhile, let’s wait and wish that the corona crisis comes to an end and we’ll get to watch movies in theatres.