Grandfather inspired Sumanth to play a womanBy now everybody knows that Sumanth is playing the role of a woman in his upcoming film Emo Gurram Egara Vachu, but do you know who inspired him to take up the role? According to the film’s director Chandra Siddhartha, it was Sumanth’s grandfather Akkineni Nageswara Rao, who had inspired him to garb a woman’s role.

In one of the songs in the film, he will been seen in a woman’s avatar, draped in a sari and also dancing to the tunes. Siddhartha said that he was initially very hesitant to play it but later when he was reminded of his grandfather, who had played women’s roles in the beginning of his career, he was happy to take up the role.

The director is very happy with the output and he said that the song will be one of the highlights of the film, which has already scored some brownie points for good music.