Govt has no records of Salman's hit and run caseWhile the ‘Right To Information Act’ gives every citizen the right to acquire government information. Maharashtra government in no way can provide the information asked by one Mansoor Darvesh, because all the files were burnt in a fire accident in 2012. And hence only partial information available.

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Here the point in discussion is about Salman Khan’s ‘hit and run case’ of Sepember 28, 2002. Mansoor darvesh wanted to know the details of the expenses incurred by the State government since 2002 till Mumbai Sessions gave convicted him for homicide and all other charges levied upon him.

Since all the files are burnt in the fire accident, government cannot provide the information and till date didn’t even reconstruct the destroyed files. While this is the truth regarding Salman’s case burnt files, the actor and his fans are presently happy that he has been granted permission by court to go Dubai, to attend a show there.

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