Governor-narasimhan-rajnath singh- completes Crucial Delhi Tour!After being summoned by the Union government to Delhi, Governor of Telugu States, ESL Narasimhan had a series of meetings in the Home Ministry. Governor met Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Home Secretary and other senior officials.

It is reliably learnt that Cash for vote, Phone Tapping and Section 8 were discussed. Governor did not divulge the details of the meetings with media. He just told them it does not have any significance and is a routine affair. He also said that he will be flying directly to Hyderabad and there is no meeting with the Prime Minister as publicized in the media.

He also told media that he has nothing to tell about the Cash for Vote scam as the case is in the investigation stage. However as Union government summoned him all of sudden, every one suspect some thing is cooking behind. On Thursday night, Narasimhan also had a meeting with Central Minister Sujana Chowdary.