Gossip: Young Hero After Insta InfluencerGossips about link-ups and affairs are very common in film circles but then there are times when things tend to get serious. Right now, there is gossip running about a young Tollywood hero who seems to be smitten by an Instagram influencer.

According to the grapevine in the industry, this young hero, whose career is not so happening right now, met an Instagram influencer during the promotion of one of his films. He has been showing special interest in her since then.

This hero has been giving expensive gifts, throwing surprises on a regular basis, and taking her to parties frequently. Despite his efforts to keep this ‘friendship’ a secret, the word is out in the industry that something is going on between these two.

It is also being said that the lifestyle of this Insta influencer girl has improved drastically since the time they became ‘friends.’ She has been leading a posh and hi-fi life since their friendship started.

Usually, heroes make friends with hot and beautiful actresses but in the industry, people are wondering what special did this hero see in an Instagram influencer.

So now their friendship has become a hot topic in film circles and people are discussing if these two are serious about their relationship or if it is just one of those ‘timepass’ flings that keep happening in this glam world.