Gossip Websites: Industry Exposing Its Double StandardsIndraganti Mohana Krishnas Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali was released today. The movie is all about a movie and has relevance to current film industry and its working style.

Indraganti who is usually known to be a soft director, took a soft jibe on some websites in the name of gossip websites. He used Vennela Kishore to call such websites as Chettha websites.

Criticizing websites has become fashion for a section of filmmakers. The same directors and producers want the websites to promote and shoulder their films right from the Muhurath to the post-release. Most filmmakers become sleepless if their teasers or trailers are not covered in the same websites.

After all the hard work of a year or two, some filmmakers derive pleasure by blaming websites and ratings for their insecurity and failures.

While most filmmakers respect websites, some filmmakers still use the web media and call them names. Supporting them are outdated critics who could not keep up the pace of Next Gen websites who do not realize they are cutting the branch they are sitting on.

Web media is the future of media. We are seeing how the Print and electronic media are shifting focus on to web media for their sustenance.

The term Gossip websites itself is abnoxious because filmmakers often turn down the news they do not like as Gossips.

The arm-chair critics who do not think beyond Press releases and PR articles pose themselves as industry-friendly but in fact are of no use to the industry.

A sensible filmmaker like Indraganti also entering this murk is a tragedy.

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