gossip-Naga-Shaurya-DowryGossip mongers are out with one intention and only one. All they’re good for is spreading wild rumors on personal matters pertaining to celebrities. Here’s one such instance involving Naga Shaurya.

There are reports from gossip sites that Naga Shaurya is reviving crores in dowry money from the family of his newlywed wife Anusha Shetty. There are several wild rumors so as to how much money he received from them.

Dowry is a very private matter. It is becoming increasingly decremental these days and particularly so in progressive families.

There’s no way these gossip mongers would’ve gotten their hands on the information pertaining to the dowry received by Shaurya, that is if there was something happening on this front, which indeed is unlikely.

Previously, there were wild speculations on this even regarding Krishna’s will. There were rumors on how much Krishna gave to Mahesh, Ramesh, Naresh, and others kids. Again, this is another highly private matter and no outsider can access the information.

These gossip sites are after stories like these just for the sake of viewership and hits on websites.