Gossip: Mahesh Babu to act in Ninnindale remake?While it’s an open secret to all of us in Telugu cinema that Mahesh Babu doesn’t act in remake, he has however in the past made an exemption for director Shankar for his 3 Idiots remake. The actor initially agreed to do it only if the rest of cast of the film has Telugu actors too for the Telugu version. But as that wasn’t committed to, by the producers, who purchased the remake rights for a bomb, the actor opted out of the remake.

Now it is again being heard in certain quarters of Karnataka film industry that Mahesh Babu has immensely loved the soon to be released film Ninnindale starring Puneeth Rajkumar and expressed his desire to act in the remake of the film in Telugu. One may wonder how the actor can love a film that is yet to be released but that is because the film is directed by one of the close friends of Mahesh Babu in the industry, director Jayanth C Paranjee. Given his close proximity with him, Mahesh Babu could have seen a preview of the movie and loved. All this however is a speculation and you never know how things eventually pan out in the industry so keep a close eye on this project.

Watch Mahesh wishing Ninnindale team: