This generation might have not heard the name of Tottempudi Krishna. But the name of T.Krishna is enough for a generation to reminse his achievements as a revolutionary film maker who tried subjects related to only social cause. For the present generation, T.Krishna is the father of Tollywood hero Gopichand. Gopichand lost his father when he was only 8 years old. But before that T.Krishna earned such a great name in the industry that his name will be amongst the most talented and sensible film maker who had guts to question the system.

‘Neti Bharatam’, ‘Deshamlo Dongalu Paddaru’, ‘Vandemataram’, ‘Pratighatana’, ‘Devalayam’ and ‘Repati Pourulu’ are the six films directed by T.Krishna in Telugu besides two Malayalam films. All the movies have a unique concept and had a social purpose. The revolutionary ideas are mainly targetted at rectifying the social injustices and equality for all. He never sacrifised his ideals in the name of inducing commercial elements in his movies.

Though Gopichand started his first step in the lines of his father with ‘Tholi Valapu’, in which he is seen as a young guy who is ready to marry a rape victim, later he jumped into commercial movies as villian and then as a mass hero. He left his father far behind and as of now there is no ray of hope to see him in such roles that illustrious father would have perceived for him. Hope, atleast after sometime, Gopichand would try at something that relates to his father’s dream.