comedian prudhviraj gopichandGopichand’s ‘Soukhyam’ audio launch event reminded more of ‘Loukyam’ audio event except the outdoor venue and a few other things without any big surprises or different speeches. Even Gopichand’s speech went on same lines thanking the technicians of the film, taking their names one by one.

The two highlights of his speech are Prudhvi and Ongole MLA. The latter is Gopichand’s buddy since his school days who took every care to provide proper security and facilities for the smooth conduct of the event. Pridhvi, of course is the bankable comedian in Tollywood presently.

Mentioning Pridhvi’s Baahubali act and other things show how the people in the industry have understood the importance of star comedians like Pridhvi to lure audiences. Pridhvi too kept his speech reminding his recent characters in films and didn’t forget mentioning his Baahubali act which caught the attention of viewers in the trailers