gopi-chand-newWith the success of ‘Loukyam’, Gopichand has really come out of the recession. The film has really breathed fresh air into the actor’s low phase in career. And Gopichand gives most of the credit to the writer of the film Sreedhar Seepana alongside the director. According to the actor Sreedhar’s writing has made him to re-discover himself.

Naturally, Gopichand wants the writer to pen down one more story for him, the way he had weaved a soft character contrary to his image. Gopichand reportedly wants to continue the new way he discovered for himself. So one can expect a style change for Gopichand in the lines of his latest ‘Loukyam’. But all this is going to happen at the cost of his Sippy’s dreams.

By the way who is this Sippy? Sippy is the hilarious character Brahmanandam has essayed in ‘Loukyam’. He too has ample share in the film’s success. Brahmi had roped in Sreedhar Seepana to write a different story for his son Goutham. But with Gopichand’s intervention, it is said that Sreedhar is ready to drop Brahmi’s proposal for the time being and concentrate on Gopi’s film. A typical back stabbing!