Goodachari-Secret-Well-KeptAs expected Adivi Sesh’s ‘Goodachari‘ opened with positive talk not only in India but also in the US. We have seen how ‘Goodachari’ team promoted the movie well using every opportunity to reach their target audiences. The result showed off in the pre-release buzz that had created curiosity among the common audiences, as well.

After watching the first half of the movie, the interval bang comes as a big surprise as the team kept the main villain a secret. One must say that the secret is so well-kept that it comes as an unexpected surprise. The main villain who comes as a surprise package is a popular face who once had been a big producer’s son turned into a hero and now doing negative roles.

It has worked out really well when audiences watch him directly on the screen during the interval bang, without a clue from the pre-release promos and even the proceedings of the first half. The surprise factor is well-kept and we don’t want to spoil it either. We’ll like the audiences to discover the secret on the big screen.