Goodachari Following RX100 Trend  RX100 was a small movie that came out of nowhere and turned out to be a blockbuster. A few weeks later we are going to see another film that is likely to repeat its success. The new flick is Goodachari.

The Adivi Sesh starrer opened with decent numbers yesterday, on its opening day. It grew from strength to strength and registered packed houses in the evening. On its second day, it has done better than the first. The collections are consistent across the board with the urban centres being the driving. It is the only difference between Goodachari and RX100. The mass patronage of the later was a turning point for its box office run.

We have to wait and see if the mass embraces Goodachari similarly. Then there is also the competition it has to face with three big movies arriving back to back in the coming days. One of them happens to be a similar genre, spy thriller, film. For now, Goodachari is going to be a hit and become the highest grosser in Adivi Sesh’s career.