Goodachari Brings Back Bad Memories for Mahesh Babu Fans‘Goodachari’ is running with hit talk in the theatres and this movie’s successful talk has brought back the memories of ‘Spyder’ for Mahesh Babu’s fans. AR Murugadoss, a big director made ‘Spyder’ with a high scale budget but delivered the biggest disaster for Mahesh Babu.

So, Mahesh Babu fans are seeing their Superstar in ‘Goodachari’ and imagining the impact Mahesh’s presence would have created if the superstar was given the lead role in a thriller like ‘Goodachari’. Though ‘Spyder’ was also a thriller, the plot has no connection with the plot of ‘Goodachari’. Needless to say, if a proper thriller comes to Mahesh Babu, it would be of another level of success.

The screen presence of Mahesh Babu is entirely different and he can elevate the heroism to the next level in thrillers like ‘Goodachari’. Adivi Sesh did a fantabulous job, though. But, his screen presence was a bit limited and we already opined that he must work to improve his screen presence for a greater impact. Anyway, ‘Goodachari’ brought back the memories of ‘Spyder’ for Mahesh Babu’s fans.