Radhe Shyam

Finally, here comes the good news for Prabhas fans who for long have been waiting for the announcement. UV Creations made Prabhas fans happy by announcing the Radhe Shyam teaser on the actor’s birthday (October 23) at 11:16 am.

Prabhas who plays Vikramaditya will be brought closer to his fans via Radhe Shyam teaser. While fans are buoyant with the update but it has come with a twist. The teaser will be released with English dialogues with subtitles in multiple languages.

This has left fans in two minds. A section of fans feel that English teaser could add as a barrier for fans who want to enjoy the maximum in their vernacular language and may not be enjoyed by the masses to the maximum.

In contrast, a section of fans feel that a single teaser in all languages could further propel Prabahs’ reach. They believe that a single teaser could help break YouTube records as the viewers won’t be divided in watching teasers in various languages. Fans feel that like the hashtag #GlobalPrabhasDay, the single teaser will make Prabhas global by raking in maximum views.