SamJam -Aha Video - Samantha Akkineni - Vijay DeverakondaThe regional streaming digital platform Aha is on a roll with back-to-back shows and this Deepavali, it’s going to be Samantha Akkineni spreading joy all over with Vijay Deverakonda. It’s Samantha‘s debut episode on Aha for her talk show ‘Sam Jam’.

There is a good buzz on this show because of Sam being the host and Vijay Deverakonda being the celebrity guest will add to the buzz, big time as this combo ensures ample entertainment for the audiences during this festival time.

This first talk show will be streaming on Aha at 8 pm, tonight. The curiosity around the talk show will definitely help the streaming platform increase their user base, considerably. So, the expectations re big, on this show, naturally.

Going by the promo of the maiden episode of ‘Sam Jam’, the celebrity duo is going to entertain big time. The show also claims that they have a message to deliver. Let’s see.