Priyanka M Jain Reveals Producers Package Deal, Priyanka M Jain Rejected Offers Package Deal, Goli Soda Actress Priyanka M Jain Rejected Producers Offers The talk about casting couch and sexual favours expected from female actors isn’t new in the glamour industry. But, only a few actresses come out in open to reveal the reality. Actress Priyanka M Jain is one of them.

The eighteen-year-old actress who is presently working for a Kannada movie ‘Goli Soda’ revealed that she got some offers in Kannada films in which she was asked for a package deal. Which implies that the deal included sexual favours to the producer and director of the film.

She got three such ‘package deal’ offers, but rejected all of them. Finally, accepted ‘Goli Soda’ as the makers didn’t ask for any sexual favours from her and hence there was no package deal. She didn’t name the producers who offered her ‘package deal’, but made it a point to tell them that actresses from Mumbai aren’t easy sexual targets.