Going Commercial Is Hurting Young Hero Aadi PudipeddiYoung hero Aadi Pudipeddi, son of senior actor Sai Kumar has been in the industry for a long time. i.e., for 8 years but the young hero is still struggling for a hold as he has no luck so far as a hero. His recent release ‘Gold Fish’ got mixed reviews.

So, what must be the reason according to him that isn’t helping him his films turning hits commercially? Aadi seems to be introspecting with regard to this aspect of his career. He says that he has been sticking to the commercial format while choosing his stories and that could be one of the reasons.

Talking about his last release ‘Burra Katha’, he thinks that it had a good story and concept, but they chose a commercial treatment for it. That could be the reason why his films are disappointing with regard to the box-office prospects.

Good that he understood the reason behind his films being disappointments. Even ‘GoldFish’ added to one of them. Here, it is the selection of the weak story and the lack of director’s moments that have brought the movie mixed reviews.