Trailer Talk: Most Dangerous & Mysterious ManThe theatrical trailer for Megastar Chiranjeevi’s GodFather which also features Salman Khan was unveiled by the makers a short while ago. The trailer clearly implies that GodFather is a proper action thriller set in a political backdrop.

The proceedings start with a voiceover which says the chief minister has passed away and there’s a big political game regarding who will come to power next. This is when Chiranjeevi‘s character is introduced. Chiru is introduced as the “most dangerous and mysterious man” which could be a depiction of his characterization.

Chiru sports a salt and pepper look and his attire is in accordance. He portrays a fearless individual who has the power to influence state politics. There are a handful of action shots in the trailer.

We see Nayanthara, Satya Dev, Murali Sharma and others in other important roles, meaning there are a handful of pivotal characters in the whole narrative, much like the original.

Then comes Salman Khan who is supposedly a trusted henchman for Chiru. There are a few VFX-heavy shots featuring him and Chiru. The quality of the VFX is not up to the mark. The lorry blast and gunfire shots aren’t all that convincing.

Thaman’s background score gels with the nature of the proceedings. He extensively uses electronic music to get the desired high. The visuals are decent.

Is the trailer effective enough to pull the audience to theaters in big numbers? We will know the answer on the 5th of October when the film hits the silver screens.