Godfather: Ended Up Na Ghar Ka Na Ghat Ka!Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Godfather had released amid quite a bit of pessimism due to Acharya’s result and uninteresting remake subject. The movie, however, has generated decent talk after its release.

Mega Fans were initially so excited and thought it would be a big-bang hit. But things turned out to be different. The movie did not have an opening of Chiranjeevi‘s range. The first five days’ performance has been in the range of okay to decent thanks to the Dasara holidays.

But things turned topsy-turvy once the holidays are over. The slide started on Monday itself and it is a total downhill on the week days. The movie is currently in its second weekend and there is not even bare minimum growth.

Kantara, a dubbing film with an unknown cast is doing many times better than Godfather even on weekend holidays (going by the bookings trend). Notable films have left the second-week window expecting Godfather’s good run at least in the second weekend but even that has gone waste for those films with Godfather doing nothing.

The trade is already talking about a ~30 Crore loss. This is the number when fans and trade were putting the Pre-release of 90 Crore plus.

The makers made things much worse with half-baked statements like their own release and no losses. But such statements only damaged the cause and made things worse. They revised the numbers to 55-60 Crore but it would still be a loss venture.

Chiranjeevi for the first time in his career did something sort of experiment without songs, heroine, and fights. But with the clichéd track of Salman Khan’s cameo and the climax, he did not entirely get the credit of trying something different.

At the same time, the commercial touches did not even take the film to a safe venture. In a way, Godfather ended up not here and not there scenario.