It was the audio launch function of Manchu Manoj starrer ‘Current Theega’ on 14th September. Mohan Babu, Dasari Narayana Rao, Raghavendra Rao, T. Subbi Rami Reddy, Ram Gopal Varma and many biggies made it to the event. Many clebrities are sharing their working experiences with Manchu family, especially with Manoj. Director of the film G Nageshwar Reddy walked onto the stage to share his experiences.

When he was talking how Manchu Manoj is loved by all and explaining the reason, suddenly he aplogized to Mohan Babu who is in front of the stage and continued, “I’m confident that one day Manchu Manoj would prove a better actor than his father and the day would certainly see the light”. This left Mohan Babu aghast, taking time to digest. Manoj was found biting his tongue to escape his father’s gaze and Mohan Babu himself took the mike in his hand to say that his mentor Dasari would never agree to that statement.

Nevertheless Nageshwar Reddy stood by his statement and said that it would happen. The whole event was more like a family affair. The special attraction of the audio launch is that Manchu Vishnu standing alongwith anchor Shilpa all through the event and taking care of the proceedings. When the trailor was played, Sunny Leone’s magnetic presence illuminated the screen. When Manoj shared about his family, he was sentimental and on friends he said that his caste and strength are his friends. His speech was totally down to earth.