Glad,-Realisation-Struck-on-Allari-Naresh,-FinallyGlad,-Realisation-Struck-on-Allari-Naresh,-FinallyAfter the disappointing box-office result of one less than a dozen of his movies since 2012, finally, a realization struck on Allari Naresh that, audiences stopped watching loud comedies and spoofs, these days.

Experience is the best teacher and Allari Naresh’s five-year long flop saga is definitely a big experience which taught him the reality. Therefore, the actor decided to change the course of his career and hence, planning to do movies in which he can play serious roles with subtle comedy.

After the spoof comedy ‘Sudigadu’ in 2012, there isn’t one decent hit to Allari Naresh’s credit though he had acted in eleven movies since then. Going by the words of Allari Naresh, the actor’s upcoming movie ‘Meda Meeda Abbay’ isn’t going to be a loud comedy or a spoof but a serious one. Let’s hope this decision helps Allari Naresh to bounce back delivering a success.