Jr NTR fan TattooThere are fans and there are diehard fans for film stars. Sometimes, fans resort to doing crazy things for their favorite stars. There are different views about if it is right or wrong. There is one such incident, a girl from Bengaluru who got a permanent tattoo resembling Young Tiger NTR.

She posted a picture and video of the tattoo on social media and it has evoked the worst possible reactions. There are people who try to lecture about how a girl should be or should not be. There are people who had strong reactions in this instance and were very happy when a boy tattooed his favorite leader or star.

There were fans of other heroes who tried to lecture the girl in the name of ‘Behave-like-a-girl’. There are people who have ‘display pics’ of their favorite star or leader and still lecture about how one should resort to such mad admiration. They even go to the extent of lecturing how such admiration should be reserved to her parents.

While there are different people responding differently on this issue, every message inherently exhibits their male chauvinist attitude. If these people have the same opinion for everyone, it is different but having opinions reserved only for women is something that does not augur well for them and the society.