Manchu Vishnu's Ninja Technique To Grab HypeCollection King Mohan Babu’s family has been suffering from the worst times for the past many years at the box office. Their films become troll material more than anything else.

Manchu Vishnu is making his zillionth attempt to bounce back with Ginna under the direction of Suryah. Co-starring Payal Rajput and Sunny Leone, the film’s shooting has been almost wrapped up, and post-production is going on in full swing.

According to the latest reports, Vishnu is planning to release his film as a Dasara festival special. He has decided to clash with Megastar’s Godfather. Reportedly, he even passed orders to his team to get the film ready for an October 5 release, no matter what.

The talk on social media is that since Megastar is going through a bad phase, even Vishnu is taking on him at the box office. Things have been rough between the Manchu and Mega families for the past many months.

The MAA elections also added more fuel to the bitterness. Vishnu finally won the elections defeating the Mega team. So he is clashing Godfather with Ginna, and this time he is trying to win the BO battle.

But there is also talk on social media that no one would give two hoots about Vishnu’s film Ginna if it had to be released solo. Clashing it with Godfather will give the film extra push in terms of media coverage and might gain some attention.

Netizens are calling this trick as ‘Ninja technique’ by Manchu Vishnu to grab some headlines.