'Ghazi' Sankalp Reddy Weak at Narrating StoriesComing up with a single line for a movie will be accepted only if a big director with back to back hits does that. Any aspiring and upcoming filmmaker must have the skill of narrating his story to convince the main individuals related to any project.

22-year-old Sankalp Reddy who is making waves with his debut directorial venture ‘Ghazi‘ accepted that he is really weak at narrating stories. He needed an alternative to convince the makers of his film. So, he came up with storyboard idea to show his narration, instead of narrating it orally.

He went to Australia to pursue MBA course but switched his course to filmmaking because he believed that the film industry is the place where he belonged. His parents had no idea about the change and they thought that he was doing MBA. Only later when he came back to India his parents came to know about this.