Ghani: Will Varjun Tej’s Hard Work Pays Off?Varun Tej‘s Ghani is all set for a release on the 8th of April. The film is directed by debutante Kiran Korrapati and there is so much pressure on him to deliver a hit for Varun Tej.

Ghani was born as it was Varun Tej’s idea to do a sports drama in Telugu. He along with his cousin Allu Bobby has made this film which was postponed multiple times thanks to pandemic and other big films.

The film was in the making for over three years now and needs to click as the makers have spent big money on Varun. On the other hand, Varun Tej has given his heart and soul to this film as he has worked on his transformation which is impressive.

Recently a couple of sports dramas like Good Luck Sakhi and Seetimaar have flopped. Also, boxing is not something that Telugu audience can relate to easily.

If this was not enough, Ram Charan is seen as a boxer in a few scenes in RRR and his avatar and nailed the scenes with intensity. Also, a monster like RRR is still going very strong at the box office.

So, for this film to stand out, it has to start off with a blockbuster talk. Mega fans feel that at least for Varun’s sake the film needs to work. Will that happen and will Varun’s hard work pay off, we will know in a few days.