Ghani Committing Pricing MistakeThe ticket prices for RRR were hiked and the rates caused a bit of a tension for many. Though the fans did not mind the rates, the family audience were in a dilemma to watch the film early. Now that the rates are going down slowly, the family audience is turning in more.

But this strategy will not work for everyone. On April 8th, Varun Tej’s Ghani will be releasing. The advance booking has started in Hyderabad and the ticket rates in a few multiplexes are showing 295 rupees which is a bit high for a Varun Tej film.

The general opinion is that such high prices can limit the number of audiences who are interested to watch Ghani. In the fans point of view, they had already spent so much for RRR and this high price in a way is stopping them from watching the film early.

Ever since the Telangana government had allowed for the ticket rates to be flexible, the common audience is not that happy as it would burn his pocket if he goes for a movie with a family of four.

In such a time, one gets a feeling that the makers should think about these rates and decrease them so that they get more audience. Ghani is a boxing drama directed by Kiran Korrapati. Allu Bobby produces it.