The dusky actor Nayantara seems to be on the pathway to another relationship not long after her breakup with the sensational dancer Prabhu Deva. Handling her professional life both in Tamil and Telugu film industries, Nayantara is still making time to develop her personal relations. Meanwhile Arya, her potential love interest is a popular star of Tamil films right from his debut with the Varudu production.

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As luck would have it, Nayantara had reportedly refused to act with Arya on their first film together, Boss Engira Bhaskaran while he persuaded her managers to convince her. Relenting somehow, Nayantara still kept their relationship strictly professional. But if this news is anything to go by, perhaps Nayantara has started beginning to rely on Arya’s friendship, and assurances of getting her more work.

A source close to the couple who observes that their bond is strengthening by the day commented, “Arya is playing a key role in the film, and even though he was busy with his own schedules, he would visit the sets to check on Nayan, spend hours with her in the make-up room, had a few cosy dinners and even took her to parties, which was not really her scene.”

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