Rakul-PreetMore than Rakul Preet Singh’s films in different languages, her business ventures and her homes in different cities seem to be catching the attention of the media. There had been several rumours fast-spreading that she might be relocating to Bengaluru, very soon.

The media also speculated that she sold her plush home in Hyderabad for a lesser price and might be moving to Bengaluru. Slamming the reports, Rakul made it clear that those rumours were from uninformed sources.

She expressed anguish over the rumours that earlier claimed that she got that Hyderabad plush house as a gift and now, someone is speculating that it was sold for buying another house in Bengaluru.

Rakul called these uninformed rumours as sick and advised the gossipmongers to get some real news. Well, her anguish is justified as she has been busy spreading her business in Hyderabad.