George-Reddy-MovieControversies are all that the spoiled angry lover’s story Arjun Reddy fed on, to gain the hype and grow that big setting a trend in the industry. Also, it is the controversy that breathed life for the film which is how Arjun Reddy became a rage in youth even before the release.

And now there is another aggressive student leader’s story titled similar, George Reddy based on a real personality but does it have what Arjun Reddy had?

We must see. Even Geroge Reddy started off with controversies for the story involves a lot of revolts and student mob fights including the murder sequence of George. The student association, ABVP men are against the film as they claim the makers are up with showing them are the rowdy gang as we can see the ABVP flag in the trailer pertaining to that also say that they are trying even trying to show them as the murderers of George Reddy while the court has then given the verdict declaring ABVP innocent in the murder case.

The trailer looked promising and the film is also reeling under controversies but not gaining the due attention to get the openings. The student power kind of stuff can go pretty well shown in a perfect way. The film is up for release this weekend. Do you think it will pick up the steam soon? Hope so.