Gemini TV's Blunder With NTR - Mahesh EMK EpisodeThe opening season of Jr NTR‘s infotainment game show Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu came to a close yesterday. The season ended on a high as the vast majority of the viewers opine the final episode which featured Mahesh Babu is possibly the best episode thus far.

However, Gemini TV has committed a big blunder of sorts by not being able to fully cash in on the much hyped NTR – Mahesh Babu episode.

Gemini TV has been uploading all the EMK episodes on their official YouTube channel soon after the television premieres. But the media channel hasn’t yet uploaded the NTR – Mahesh episode on their YouTube channel. This is a major blunder, one must say.

Those who have watched the episode on TV are heaping praises on it and are eager to watch it again on YouTube. On the other hand, those who missed the episode on TV are raring to watch it on Gemini TV’s YouTube channel. But for some odd reason, Gemini TV is taking its own sweet time to make the episode available for streaming on YouTube.

There is a lot of hype surrounding the said episode and had Gemini TV uploaded it on YouTube hours after the TV premieres, it would have fetched them great viewership. As that didn’t happen, NTR and Mahesh’s fans are now searching for pirated links and copies on social media.

When you have winning flagship content, you should make full use of it by fetching as much reach as you possibly can. But Gemini TV, with their laid-back approach, are getting to learn it the hard way. Now, many enthusiastic fans are calling out the media channel for not releasing the episode on YouTube and are looking for piracy uploads on web.

Gemini TV might be releasing the episode on digital streaming services tonight or tomorrow morning. But what they should have done is release the episode later last night or early in the morning today, in order to cash in on all the hype and positive reverberation surrounding it.