geetha madhuri husband nandu insulted by choreographerIn a candid chat with media, actor Nandu who got recognised for his role in ‘100% Love’ reveals about how he was insulted. In one particular dance sequence while shooting at a fort, he couldn’t get his dance movement right. He got muddy and had to change his pants. When he tried to go to his caravan, dance master shouted, ‘Are you a star? You can change your clothes here itself.’ Nandu felt ashamed to do it before so many people who were watching the shooting.

He was given meaty roles in some films but in the final product, his portions were edited and sometimes even his remuneration was cut short by half. He doesn’t complain about chopping his portions because he thinks if he would produce a movie for his son, he would also do the same. Guess, who is Nandu pointing fingers at?

In spite of doing movies with big directors like Sukumar and RGV, he was asked to give audition for a particular role by a director who felt he needs to see if Nandu can do it or not. Nandu accepts all these as part and parcel of the show business. Hence even accepts the truth that people think he is getting opportunities because of his wife, singer Geeta Madhuri.