Geetha Govindam: “What The F” Hooks With Catchy LyricsThe eagerly awaited new song from Geetha Govindam is out. It marks the debut of actor Vijay Deverakonda as a singer under the guidance of music director Gopi Sundar.

It is evident from the song that Vijay Deverakonda is enjoying his stint as a singer. He is nowhere near a professional, but the first impression is a positive one. He could continue to sing similar to Dhanush. But even on that front, some improvement is needed. On the song, it is catchy no doubt, and that is due to the lyrics. They are catchy. However, it is a song strictly for the youth.

Listen to the song below. Parasuram directs Geetha Govindam starring Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna. The movie hits the screens worldwide on August 15.