Geetha-Govindam-Audio-LaunchVijay Deverakonda is known for his off-screen attitude, for many, it is nothing new and few are still getting used to him. Every time he makes an appearance on stage, people know there is something coming from him to make headlines. He did it again.

“What the what the F” song that he recently sang resulted in surprisingly negative trolls on him both for his singing and some of the lyrics that hurt a few of them. He took on the trolls in his style again and trolled the trollers in-turn on stage using the Geetha Govindam audio launch event. He had the memes and trolls on the screen one by one as he addressed the trolls.

Acknowledging that many did not like him singing, he called out for a challenge asking the trolls who slammed him to sing the song and send to the team so that they would make the best of them to sing a song in their film. He made his mark again on taking the negativity in his style.