Geetha Govindam: No Time to Cut the Trailer, Not Required AnywayThe reason for not cutting the pre-release theatrical trailer of ‘Geetha Govindam’ is different. The team is concentrating more on preventing the leaks from happening than on cutting the theatrical trailer. We know that it is the theatrical trailer the makes or breaks the fate of a movie.

But, in the case of ‘Geetha Govindam’, it is not so. ‘Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavaale’ song turned out to be an instant blockbuster and did all the wonders for the movie. There is enough pre-release buzz for the movie despite not cutting the theatrical trailer. It happened previously for ‘Mahanti’ when the makers chose not to cut the theatrical trailer despite low buzz. It was a different case though.

One must appreciate director Parasuram who has good music sense. When we look at his previous movies, the audios of ‘Yuvatha’, ‘Solo’, ‘Saarocharu’ and now ‘Geetha Govindam‘ have decent audios with hummable songs. So, the unit is dealing with the last minute leaks as a few scenes from the movie had leaked already, a couple of days ago. Going by the advance bookings and the buzz, the theatrical trailer is not at all required.