Geetha Govindam Music Review- One Blockbuster-Rest Hummable  The audio of Geetha Govindam is out, and it is on expected lines. Music director Gopi Sundar has delivered another soothing and melodious album overall that he is known for musically.

The highlight of the album is without any doubt “Inkem Inkem Kavale”. It is melodious, peppy and instantly addictive. No wonder it has turned out to be a blockbuster among, not just the youth but also music lovers.

Apart from that, there are a couple of melody numbers that grow after few listens. With the right presentation and success of the movie, they are also likely to click among the audience. Changing ‘What the F’ to ‘What the Life’ and editing a few lines doesn’t change the overall effect of the song. It is still fun with catchy lyrics. Only “Kanureppa Kaalam” sounds very situational and entirely narrative dependent.

Overall, Geetha Govindam is a pleasant and instantly likeable album with one huge blockbuster single. Parasuram continues to maintain his status as a director with good musical taste.