GAV audio launch started on a different note with classical dance item on Lord Krishna and then another classical group dance. But when the regular dance items started, the program organisers took every care that there is equal mixture of megastar and powerstar’s songs. The guests who came on to the stage also seemingly made the mention of Pawan Kalyan.

When producer Bandla Ganesh took mike in his hands, apart from sharing his thoughts on Charan and Chiranjeevi, a delightful shine lit up his face as if he is talking about GOD. He went a little further and pronounced Powerstar Pawan Kalyan as his GOD. All throughout his speech, he linked up everything he shared with Pawan Kalyan.

When Charan said a dialogue from his film, “Kutumbamlo amdarini maname kalupuku povaali”, it seemed to be intended towards Pawan Kalyan. Whoever talked and whatever they shared, Pawan Kalyan’s presence was felt. The main concept of GAV is togetherness of family. Bandla Ganesh too stressed on the point that mega family is always one and they are unique for this and it is difficult to understand the family. True! When it’s Chiranjeevi’s turn to explain why Pawan is not present at the venue, he questioned mega fans if they would have any objection if Pawan attends 150th day celebrations with some uneasiness visible on his face.