Gautham-Vasudeva-Menon-Cheated-a-Young-FilmmakerOn Monday, young director Karthick Naren posted a cryptic tweet that indirectly referred to director Gautham Vasudeva Menon alleging that his passion was being butchered from all directions.

If you are wondering whatever that means, Gautham Menon has accepted to produce the second film of young talented director Karthick Naren’s second film ‘Nagasooran’ after his first film ‘Dhruvangal Pathinaaru’ turned out to be a critically acclaimed that also earned decent bucks.

Following Karthick’s cryptic tweet, Gautham Menon asked the young director to grow a pair instead of crying that his passion is being butchered. With this, the young filmmaker openly attacked the senior director that he was cheated and as made to invest his money when Gautham actually took up the project as the producer.

This isn’t the first time Gautham Menon was in a controversy. Let’s see if Karthick stands for himself till the end.