Gautham keen to produce more Telugu films

Ace filmmaker, who is currently going through a bad phase, Gautham Vasudev Menon is upbeat about his upcoming project Courier Boy Kalyan, which he is producing under his home banner. One of the few Tamil directors to have made a straight Telugu film, he says he is game for more.

Gautham says as long as the script is fine by him and there are no time related problems, then he would be interested in doing films in any language, even Telugu. He says he has been listening to several Telugu scripts in the recent past. He adds that he will likely zero in on a project soon.

There have been rumours that Gautham only produces the films of his associates, but the filmmaker is quick to deny. He says he is not only interested in films of his assistants, but any story that’s different, doesn’t matter from where it comes. He says his next two production ventures are with other directors such as Radha Mohan and Vignesh Shivan.

He is confident about CBK. He says it’s a film which has everything in the right proportion. He is eagerly awaiting for the film to hit the screens.