Director Gautam Menon is currently working on a big Tamil film featuring none other than Ajith in the lead. This is the first time they are working together after many failed attempts previously. The most famous one being the 50th film of Ajith which was to be directed by Gautam Menon only to be dropped at the last minute.

Coming to the topic, shooting of this yet untitled film is happening currently and few stills too have been leaked. Ever since the leaking of those images fans have expressed their disappointment to the director regarding the look of their star. While the salt n pepper look has been finally accepted, the not so fit look of the star is still not acceptable by the fans. However sources say that the ‘real’ lean and mean look of the star is being kept under wraps and there has been no leakage of this fitter looking Ajith. The pictures that have surfaced on the internet have been from the initial shooting days, the recent one’s would be a big surprise to the fans according to the unit of the film. Well the director is known to present his heroes stylishly so we guess we have to wait for the sweet surprise. Do we have any other choice?