Garikipati-Narasimha-Rao-ChiranjeeviPopular Pravachanakartha Garikipati Narasimha Rao triggered a controversy by expressing his impatience over Chiranjeevi at Alai Balai program organized by Bandaru Dattatreya.

Garikipati is upset with Chiranjeevi for giving selfies to fans which is distracting him from his speech. It has come as disrespect for Chiranjeevi but the Megastar held on to his ground.

He behaved very dignified and also had some great words to say about Garikipati later in his speech.

While Chiranjeevi won hearts with composure, Mega Fans are reacting in their own way. They are firing on Garikipati and are abusing him for being arrogant with Chiranjeevi. An indirect tweet by Nagababu has triggered this onslaught.

Rashtra Chiranjeevi Yuvatha is threatening to disallow Garikipati’s Pravachanams until he apologizes to Chiranjeevi.

Chiranjeevi remained a towering personality by not responding to the issue. A learned man like Garikipati deserves the respect Chiranjeevi felt. Chiranjeevi’s honour got increased with the way he handled the issue.

The eccentric behavior of Mega Fans will take away all that goodwill and put Chiranjeevi in a dock. Garikipati is not a politician or a professional rival to Chiranjeevi for Mega Fans to level scores.

Chiranjeevi gave a perfect ending to the issues. Fans should not make a mess of it and impact Chiranjeevi’s name. Meanwhile, Garikipati apologized to Chiranjeevi on this issue.