Gang-Leader-Nani's-Stale-Comedy-TrolledThe trailer of Nani’s ‘Gang Leader‘ is out and besides the initial impression by the common audiences, there is a set of social media folks who feel that the trailer was pretty average and not up to the mark coming from a director like Vikram K Kumar.

They are mocking at the stale jokes in the trailer just like it happened in the case of Nag’s ‘Manmadhudu 2’. The only difference was that there is no vulgarity and double meanings in Nani movie’s trailer. ‘Gang Leader’ team might have felt that those were new-age trendy jokes.

However, the jokes were written in poor taste. In one of the dialogues, Nani translates ‘Kill Bill’ to ‘Raseeduni Champu’. This particular dialogue is ridiculed the most, and we must agree that it is certainly below-par work from a director like Vikram Kumar.

Usually, makers of a movie choose the best content and entertainment blocks for their trailer cut, hope that’s not the case here.